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I got access to over 295,000 Shopify stores data so we can market products and services on behalf of our clients to store owners. The best data source ever.

Sarah Stanley Sarah Stanley
Lead Gen Pros

Ecomidata Provides You With

  • Store Name, URL & Company

    You’ll get access to over 4 million eCommerce stores that are live on the web. This includes their URL, name and company (usually LLC or Inc).

  • Niche/Vertical

    We’ve scraped their store products and then made a judgement on the best category for their products, one or two provided by default.

  • Web Traffic Stats

    If the store is in the top 1 million Alexa or Quantcase web ranks we’ll have it noted and listed. These stores have traffic and probably sales!

  • Store Email Addresses

    We’ve scraped the store for any public emails on display. If they are available you’ll find them here. Approx 25-30% of rows include an email.

  • Store Phone Numbers

    Similar to email we’ve scraped phone numbers and displayed them for you to. Approx 20-25% of rows include a phone number.

  • Store Contact Persons

    For larger stores we’ve managed to find a site contact, owner or employee for sales and have displayed them for you too. (Approx 5% total).

  • Store Location

    We’ve crawled their store and domain for a physical location and included the city, state, zip code and country where possible.

  • Store Social Profiles

    We’ve crawled the site for any links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Github, VK and Pinterest and displayed these too.

  • Estimated Monthly Spend

    Using our algorithm we combine plugins, apps, dns, hosting and estimate how much a store spends per month on fixed costs.

How Others Are Using Ecomidata

Clarke Howe (Internet Marketer)

Clarke is an internet marketer whom works with advertisers to promote their products and services to business owners around the world. One of the companies he's working with has created a new Shopify theme which costs them $130 to buy. Clarke makes $90 per sale and wants to target stores which need some TLC. With Ecomidata he has instant access to Shopify leads.

Kayla Stewart (App Developer)

Kayla is a Woocommerce developer whom has created her own app for automatically sending shipment information from her suppliers (Aliexpress) to her customers. She now wants to find 100 beta testers to use her service and increase visibility/reviews within the app store. With Ecomidata she can now find new stores, using Chinese dropshippers to market her app too.

Bianca James (Struggling Business Owner)

Bianca's bought every course on the internet related to starting a store and drop shipping but is still struggling to find winning products to make it all worthwhile. With the help of Ecomidata she managed to find the best selling products for over 4 million stores and then target the most popular stores and 'copy their success' for his own business. Bianca's niche research was done within hours.

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